Sunday, June 17, 2018
Still America's Turf Authority

If you participated in our recent survey about HBO's 'Luck', you may have noticed a couple of questions about website visitation at the end of the questionnaire. These questions had nothing at all to do with 'Luck' and represented a research experiment of sorts. The experiment had mixed results. On one hand the results have face validity, but on the other hand they are biased by the sample - a self-selected convenience sample.

Nevertheless we'll present the results since they shine a little light into the online behavior of avid Thoroughbred racing fans. These questions were asked of all those who reside in the U.S. or Canada who said they are "very interested" in the sport of Thoroughbred racing.

There are caveats of course to keep in mind. should have been a choice, as well as Fans could still volunteer these options as an "other/specify" choice, and some did. But that's not the same as having the choice presented on a platter. So both and are underrepresented in the numbers. Both were supported at about a 5% level in the "other" category, so the real level of support is probably an unknown multiple of 5%.

The other caveat involves,,, and The link to the 'Luck' survey appeared prominently on these websites for a period of time so results for these choices are quite likely inflated by responses from loyal readers and community members. A bit of a catch-22 from a methodological perspective... without a scientifically generated random sample of online racing fans, responses have to come from somewhere.

As an integrity check, I looked at results for these questions from about 100 responses submitted prior to the survey link appearing on the above-mentioned websites. The general rank-order preference for all other websites was the same as appears below. So that's good news.

With that said, here are the results for the two questions. It would be interesting to compare these survey-based results with different hard metrics like visits, pageviews and the like to see if there is a strong correlation. Note that up to two responses were allowed for the "most often" question. Just click on the charts to zoom in.