Monday, July 23, 2018


Understanding what people think and gathering insights into customer attitudes starts with a professionally and carefully designed research methodology. While today's researcher enjoys more tools and potential approaches than ever before, the workhorse is still the quantitative survey of aIMG_0122 representative sample from a target population. This is especially true for organizations with limited knowledge and understanding of their customers or members.

Thorotrends brings expertise in the design and execution of surveys over the internet, telephone, mail, and in-person. The choice of survey mode hinges on the desired population for interviewing as well as budget. However, the trend towards online survey-based research continues at the expense of other approaches as the internet nears full penetration.

From the art and science of designing a professional, thoughtful questionnaire to data processing, analysis, and reporting, Thorotrends offers full-service survey research capabilities. Survey results are routinely and at a minimum reported in a tabular format for ease of interpretation. See here for an example. Valuable insights will be highlighted and detailed narrative reports of findings will be prepared as desired.

Why conduct research into attitudes, opinions, and behaviors? The answer, quite simply, is to gain knowledge. That knowledge, in turn, informs efforts to target new customers, retain current customers, and win back lost customers. Thorotrends will work with you to finely tune your rough theories and impressions into testable hypotheses.

What populations are of high interest to the Thoroughbred horse racing industry? There are many; here are a few examples...

  • Thoroughbred owners / nonowners / ex-owners
  • Thoroughbred horseplayers / nonhorseplayers / ex-horseplayers
  • Thoroughbred racing fans / nonfans / ex-fans
  • Sports fans
  • Poker players
  • Casino players
  • Slots players
  • Lottery players
  • Sportsbook bettors
  • Millennials (Generation Y)
  • Baby Boomers
  • Retirees